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Begin building apps for mixed reality with the Windows SDK and a steady stream of new documentation, tutorials, and case studies.

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Follow step-by-step tutorials that walk you through developing apps for Windows Mixed Reality, including HoloLens and immersive headsets.

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Galaxy Explorer Project is an open-source HoloLens application that was developed from the community’s ideas. Get the source code and see what else you can do.

Galaxy Explorer source code

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North America

Link to website Adjacent Technologies

Adjacent Technologies is a leader in building innovative customer experiences based on cutting edge technologies from Microsoft, using Mixed Reality and artificial intelligence to create values for customers. We specialize in building Mixed Reality applications for scenarios that requires group activities and collaborations. We offer products in Mixed Reality Classroom, Mixed Reality Training, and Mixed Reality Show ‘n Sell, and provide customization and development services to meet unique business requirements.

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Link to website AfterNow

AfterNow is a mixed reality agency providing innovation consulting, software development, user experience design and usability testing. We create business solutions and entertaining experiences.

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Link to website Airbus

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2016 it generated revenues of €67 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners from 100 to more than 600 seats and business aviation products. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

Link to website Anima Res

ANIMA RES is a recognized expert in 3D medical animations and AR/MR/VR applications, with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical sector and clients from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
We are passionate about making medical education fascinating and explorable for healthcare professionals/patients, by developing visually stunning and highly interactive content.

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Link to website Avanade

Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences for its clients, delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. We help clients gain value in the AI-first world by creating new user experiences, augmenting the workforce and driving new growth through the use of extended reality technologies like AR, VR and MR.

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Link to website Ayzenberg

Ayzenberg specializes in telling brand stories through a virtuous cycle we call Listen, Create, Share. The Extra-Reality division of our Science and Technology Group builds experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds using MR, VR, IoT, social and data sciences, and emerging technologies.

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Link to website Beijing Chujiao Technology

Beijing Chujiao Technology provides AR/VR solutions for education and industry clients and help them make their knowledge and experiences easily accessible in 3D world. Chujiao AR Sense Software Platform has been developed for clients to apply cutting edge AR/VR technology easily in their existing system solutions. The platform includes WYSIWYG AR data creation tool, front-end applications on AR glasses for AR data presentation and interaction , and back-end cloud service to manage the client's AR data and collect and analyze useful interaction data from front-end applications.

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Link to website Beijing Phansion Technology

Beijing Phansion Technology Co., Ltd focuses on visualization. It has become a leading big data visualization product and solution provider. It is also the first Chinese company which investigates and develops the integration of MR into big data visualization solution. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in industry research, development and marketing . Now we have more than 10 products with intellectual property rights as well as relevant qualifications at national and international level such as national high-tech enterprise, CMMI3, ISO9001/ 14001/ 18001/ 20000/27001. We created comprehensive solutions for smart manufacturing, mobile communication, electricity and energy sector, military industry and education. We finished exemplar cases for key enterprises, government departments and institutions and top 500 companies including the National Grid, the National Theater, China Mobile, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AICC), National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), Hunan Provincial museum and Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, Jiangsu Radio and Television Group.

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Link to website BGC

BGC is an applied earth science consulting company that finds responsible solutions to challenging earth science problems.
Our proprietary software service, AdaTM, turns data into knowledge and creates shared understanding.

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Link to website ‘Blackmarble’

Black Marble is a multi-award-winning software development and consultancy company, with a team of internationally recognised experts, specialising in delivering innovative solutions for enterprise.

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Link to website Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consulting firm, partners with clients to solve their most important and complex problems, making their missions our mission and delivering results that endure. We integrate data science and machine intelligence to improve human-centered mixed reality experiences for enterprise.

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Link to website Bytecubed

ByteCubed helps government and industry explore technology to solve complex challenges. It finds value and opportunity in mixed reality through strategy, design, and data science.

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Link to website CAE Healthcare

CAE specializes in the development of simulation based training solutions for the healthcare and medical device industries. It has worked with industry leaders to create custom mixed reality applications for extremely complex training environments.

Link to website Cardinal Solutions

At Cardinal Solutions, we leverage our extensive experience to imagine, develop, manage, and deliver technology solutions that advance your business. With over 500 consultants, Cardinal Solutions is a national solution provider with deep experience in digital and cloud transformations.

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Link to website ‘Citizen’

Citizen is a globally recognized strategy, user experience design and technical services firm. It uncovers opportunities and creates experiences that make sense of our connected future. Its work spans support for some of the most recognized brands in healthcare, transportation, medical, retail, mobile, and IT.

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Link to website ‘Cognizant’

Cognizant is one of the world's leading professional services companies, transforming clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era. Our unique industry-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Headquartered in the U.S., Cognizant, a member of the NASDAQ-100, is ranked 205 on the Fortune 500 and is consistently listed among the most admired companies in the world.

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Link to website ‘CraneMorley’

CraneMorley develops learning and performance solutions that drive measurable business performance improvement. Our 27 year proven track record is built on successful partnerships with global leaders who require practical, cutting edge technology to fuel their success.

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Link to website Create AR

CreateAR defines a new era of consumer marketing, sales, and training. With their patented hands-free interface technology offering best in class accessibility and engagement, their software was chosen for the world's first global Hololens advertising campaigns. CreateAR provides onsite consulting, prototype development, and customized platform deployment for top brands such as Mercedes-Benz.

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Link to website Data experts

data experts develops large-scale enterprise solutions since 1962.

Based in Berlin, our team of Mixed Reality experts offer individual software development and consultancy for industry partners, as well as technical partnership for other agencies.

We specialize in interactive and multi-user experiences across a range of HMD devices and 3D cameras.

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Link to website DataMesh

DataMesh provides products and solutions to enable enterprise customers and partners to integrate Mixed Reality with their knowledge, workflow and data. Mainly used in manufacturing and professional services, DataMesh middleware products are helping customers in enterprise level data analysis and visualization, professional Mixed Reality presentation and video creation, and digital assistant for frontline workers.

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Link to website EncooTech

EncooTech is a leading MR/VR solution provider founded in Shanghai, China. We have collaborated with many industry clients around the world since the establishment, and bring the MR/VR technologies to different industries including construction, medical and retail. With the targets of building a trusted partnership and meeting clients’ satisfaction, EncooTech collaborates closely with our clients to provide innovative MR/VR solutions to solve their problems and promote their business innovation and growth.

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Link to website ‘Finger Food’

Finger Food Studios is a leading developer of HoloLens holographic apps. It helps some of the world’s largest companies leverage holographic computing to improve productivity and transform their businesses.

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Link to website ‘Fracture Reality’

100 percent HoloLens-focused since the device launched, FRACTURE delivers powerful, engaging, collaborative solutions. It breathes life and beauty into new ideas, enabling organisations to rapidly innovate via this new medium.

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Link to website ‘FundamentalVR’

Specialists in mixed reality training and simulations involving shared experiences and haptic feedback. FundamentalVR both consults on and produces solutions across medical and communications sectors.

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Link to website ‘hakuhodo’

Hakuhodo Inc. was founded in 1895. Based on the twin pillars of the Company’s unchanging philosophy—sei-katsu-sha insight and commitment to partnership— Hakuhodo has been constantly evolving. With teams of highly creative professionals, we help clients resolve issues in a wide range of areas that include, but are not limited to, advertising, from management and business approach to measures for addressing social issues. We aim to be among the top class of global marketing companies, quickly identifying changes in the marketing environment and using our strength in comprehensive marketing management to enhance the corporate value of our clients.

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Link to website ‘Hakuhodo Product’s’

Hakuhodo Product’s Inc. is an integrated promotion production company with 12 divisions and three branch offices.
Our strength comes from the expertise and implementation power of these 12 divisions, and our ability to deliver one-stop service in advertising and promotional production.

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Link to website ‘Happy Finish’

A creative production studio that tells stories through immersive, visually rich experiences. Pioneering across 360° film, AI, and virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality solutions thats drive engagement and marketing ROI.

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Link to website ‘Holoforge’

HoloForge is the B2B holographic division of Asobo Studio, the historic HoloLens pioneer. It empowers leading companies with world-class HoloLens solutions and holographic computer software.

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Link to website ‘HoloLab ’

HoloLab is the earliest company in Japan who has set HoloLens as the core of the business. We have already done many PoC developments for customers in various industries. HoloLab covers wide range of the demands for Hololens, such as from the introduction, training, app/system development, and the consultation.

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Link to website HoloLight

Holo-Light develops and implements Mixed Reality solutions for industry leaders. Our software tools and products empower companies to optimize, connect and digitize processes in several industrial application areas, delivering unique experiences and added value using Mixed Reality.

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Link to website Holoview Lab

Founded in 2015, Holoview Lab Ltd. has development teams and representation offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Brussels.
Holoview Lab delivers augmented and mixed reality remote real-time collaborative solutions for R & D, training, marketing, sales and after sales support within vertical markets and industries like: aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. The "Holoview Platform" is a cross-platform, mixed reality communication service based on the intelligent cloud and integrates digital realities, IoT, audio/video communications and AI technologies with smart glasses and mixed reality hardware platforms.
Based on the "HoloView" technology platform; Holoview Lab targets different types of customers. (Large-sized companies, SMEs, and developers of enterprise applications) and different scenarios (product development, marketing, after-sales support, and training, etc.), providing customized development from systems, SAAS to SDK and PAAS.
We use next generation smart devices, communication technologies, visualization content and services to help industrial customers achieve more accurate communication, efficient collaboration and productive results.

Get started with Holoview Lab
Link to website ‘Honeycomb ’

Honeycomb Lab. Inc. is a technology company that realizes various fun ideas by combining expressive power based on game development technology and internet technology. We are good at developing 3D contents such as MR / VR / AR and games, and developing interactive contents such as digital signage.

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Link to website ‘Immersion’

Creating 3D experiences since 1994. European expert and international major player in virtual and augmented reality and collaborative solutions, in the fields of industry and research.

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Link to website Indigo Slate

Indigo Slate has deep roots in consulting and creative services for some of the world’s largest technology companies. From full creative campaigns to VR and mixed reality applications, we’re guided by a singular vision: Create amazingly smart experiences that bring brands closer to their customers.

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Link to website ‘Informatix’

Informatix is a spatial information innovation company that creates the future. Utilizing its strengths as a provider of GIS, CAD and CG systems and accumulated know how in AR / VR / MR, Informatix continues to reform the working style of the construction industry through development and sales of the GyroEye Holo system.

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Link to website Infusion

Infusion helps enterprises deploy digital solutions that transform business. It rapidly creates high-quality, innovative products and platforms through a blend of smart software engineering, design and digital strategy.

Link to website Inhance Digital

Inhance Digital is an award-winning interactive agency focused on creating compelling digital content and experiences for the world’s leading brands.

We have industry-leading expertise in advanced technologies including augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR), virtual reality (VR), and other interactive solutions that help visualize, explain and sell complex science and technology.

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Link to website INLOOPX

Full-stack software agency and strong advocate for the new mixed reality age. INLOOPX helps businesses to design and build complex digital products including cutting-edge HoloLens apps. User & product-centered approach helped company to become one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe according to Deloitte.

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Link to website ‘Invivo’

INVIVO is a digital scientific communications agency that creates innovative strategies and solutions, to improve the quality of life by accelerating the understanding of SCIENCE. Our team of scientific experts, designers and developers conceptualize and implement custom applications for HoloLens and other Microsoft Mixed Reality platforms.

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Link to website ‘Jingteng Tech’

Jingteng Tech focus on Mixed Reality digital solutions including digital visualization, digital interaction, and digital collaboration. Jingteng has provided digital solutions to different industries mainly on Healthcare, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) and Design. The core team are mainly from Microsoft, Capgemini and other top companies on high tech and consulting areas. Our customers include several China listed companies and leading companies in their fields. Jingteng looks forward to working with you closely to win the future success together.

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Link to website Kazendi

Kazendi is the Mixed Reality team behind HoloMeeting, a remote collaboration solution for HoloLens & immersive headsets. Features include the ability to open 60 different file types such as Revit, SolidWorks and more as well collaborate with colleagues using holographic tools such as freehand draw. HoloMeeting can be used for both collaboration and remote assistance purposes.

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Link to website Kognitiv Spark

Kognitiv Spark is specialized in Holographic Industrial Worker Support. Our RemoteSpark app for the HoloLens is used by industrial operators to allow frontline workers to connect with remote experts and secure holographic content for assistance when performing complex tasks to minimize travel by experts and maximize performance of frontline workers.

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Link to website ‘KPMG’

For the excellent companies now and 10 years later. KPMG consultants are expert practitioners in the fields of Business Transformation, Technology Transformation, and Risk & Compliance. We strive to support enterprises in establishing socially high corporate value as excellent company.

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Link to website MedApp

MedApp is offering Telemedicine and Mixed Reality solutions for healthcare providers with a proven track record of assisting in real-life cases. We use HoloLens to visualize patients' medical images as interactive holograms. Carna Life telemedical system is based on Microsoft Azure using high-end technologies supported with 3D/4D rendering and predictive analytics.

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Link to website Media Lesson

Based in Pforzheim and Munich, Germany, we create exciting user experiences as IT full-service and software development provider since 15 years. For our customers like Porsche and Steelcase we develop advanced Mixed and Augmented Reality solutions.

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Link to website MediVis

MediVis is a medical technology company leveraging mixed reality and artificial intelligence to transform medical and surgical visualization.

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Link to website Meemim

Meemim develops leading-edge augmented-, mixed-, and virtual-reality applications using spatially-referenced information. From providing real-time 3D visuals for mining and exploration to delivering holographic visualizations of underground infrastructure to displaying ground penetrating radar scans, Meemim’s commercially-successful products have been deployed globally to address real-life challenges.

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Email Microsoft

Microsoft has developed mixed reality HoloLens apps with world-class clients like NASA/JPL, Case Western Reserve University, and Trimble.

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Link to website Mixed River

Mixed River helps businesses define their future and establish a competitive edge through the intelligent deployment of leading-edge mixed reality technologies. Mixed River’s marquee product is the world’s first Holographic sports training platform, designed to elevate elite athletes to the next level using realistic life-sized holographic competition.

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Link to website MPC

MPC is an award winning creative studio. As world leaders in visual storytelling for over two decades, with VFX studios in 9 cities globally, MPC is renowned for adding visual wonder to the advertising, music, art and film industries; crafting work across a full spectrum of platforms and immersive technologies.

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Link to website ‘NangkSoftware’

NangkSoftware is a company focused on UX design and UI design of enterprise applications. Through proposal planning, consulting and development, we provide user experiences one step further. We also have strengths in research and development in the VR / MR domain. In particular, we have a proven record in the field of B to B demonstration project using HoloLens. We promise to offer experiences exceeding expectations.

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Link to website ‘Nextscape’

NEXTSCAPE provides state-of-the-art IT solutions and services, from the design and planning phase all the way to the final implementation. It creates HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality applications to enhance the value of clients’ information assets through visualization and utilization of digital data.

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Link to website ‘Object Theory’

Object Theory creates custom HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality applications. We are a full service mixed reality experience agency providing end-to-end services, from envisioning through delivery, with a focus on strategy, user experience, design, and development.

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Link to website Plain Concepts

Plain Concepts provides innovative and engaging custom solutions. We have extensive experience developing Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions for Marketing, Health, Manufacturing and Construction. Our own 3D multiplatform development engine Wave Engine, allows us to develop visual experiences enabling our clients to reach further in their projects.

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Link to website ‘POP’

POP blends compelling creative with strategic consulting and breakthrough technologies to solve clients’ marketing challenges. POP is a Tier One agency for the U.S. Microsoft Marketing Organization – one of just four Tier One agencies in the country.

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Link to website Poly-Ambrum 

Poly-Ambrum is the professional service provider for Industrial-grade Digital Info. applications. We are creative, practical, dedicated to the data visualization products and services in high-end Manufacturing.We have now successfully realize the Hololens applications in different industries like Aerospace, Computer Equipment, Data Development Center, Automobiles and etc.

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Link to website Reacool

Reacool , a startup company focusing on Medical Mixed Reality (MMR) technology vertical integration , is founded by a group of young talents from Medical clinic frontier who also successfully founded PainChina Inc in 2014.
Under the same Management team, PainChina has achieved the target of breakeven in the very first year based on its medical and technology specialities and niche market sense. PainChina has been developed into a Dolorology + internet platform including online medical training, medical live broadcasting, medical platform building and medical marketing. PainChina has become the No1 Dolorology online brand in China with more than 27000 followers and 5800 certified doctors (almost including all certified doctors) in China.
From now on REACOOL ‘s purpose is use Medical Mixed Reality(MMR) to build solutions for clinical surgical navigation, medical education and healthcare technologies.

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Link to website Re'flekt

RE’FLEKT’s Enterprise AR Suite provides a powerful content creation platform and remote solution for customizable smart instructions on mobile devices and smart glasses. The ecosystem utilizes existing CAD data to fuse remote assistance with automated experiences for the most comprehensive AR enterprise solution to improve maintenance, operations and training.

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Link to website ‘Rewind’

REWIND is an award-winning content production agency, combining cutting edge technology with creativity to produce immersive experiences for world-leading companies and brands.

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Link to website ‘Saab’

Expertise, teamwork, and ethics are the foundation of Saab culture. Saab strives to find new ways to solve problems. Its mixed reality applications and HoloLens unlock hidden insights and capabilities that deliver new value to partners.

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Link to website Sapient Razorfish

With more than 12,000 people and 70 offices around the globe, SapientRazorfish is purpose-built to help companies reimagine experiences that inspire and engage with game-changing technology at their core.

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Link to website ScopeAR

Scope AR creates the most advanced Industrial AR solutions AND enables enterprise to do the same with no coding. Experience the complete WorkLink Smart Instruction ecosystem on HoloLens, tablet and smartphone.

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Link to website Shanghai Nijie Technology

Shanghai Nijie Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that concentrating in industrial level Mixed Reality (MR) application and algorithm development. We provide MR turnkey solution cross platform for industrial designers, architects, and automotive manufactures. Our services include data virtualization, industrial 3D modeling, 3D registration and accurate overlay for object& scene, remote collaboration, cloud data management/analytics, which can dramatically improve the product development efficiency to lower the cost and accelerate the Time-To-Market.
The founder team was from Intel perceptual computing team, together with Autodesk Automobile modeling experts. We aim at inventing the evolutional cross platform end-to-end mixed reality user behavior and industrial standard robust solution.

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Link to website Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria is a European leader in digital transformation with nearly 42,000 employees in more than 20 countries. Sopra Steria provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of offerings on the market, spanning consulting, systems integration, industry-specific solutions, infrastructure management and business process services. Our design, PLM, BIM and simulation departments who are experts in the field of enterprise 3D, in several industries (aerospace, transport, healthcare, retail, banking, energy and defense) are committed to create new user experiences and optimize business processes using mixed reality programs.

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Link to website Spheregen

SphereGen Technologies is a mixed reality digital agency with a studio in New Haven, Connecticut. We have successfully delivered HoloLens applications in the Healthcare Industry with a focus on collaboration through multi-user functionality. SphereGen makes technology relevant by building custom applications designed to revolutionize the business process.

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Link to website ‘Studio216’

Studio 216 is a digital creative agency changing the way real estate is designed, financed, marketed, and sold. Its process is inspired and informed by blending architecture, real estate, gaming, and software. It can bring environments to life.

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Link to website Synergiz

Specialized in collaborative and interactive solutions with a natural user interface approach, Synergiz is considered as one of the pioneers of mixed reality and HoloLens usages for industries and retailers.

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Link to website ‘Taqtile’

Taqtile develops mobile, virtual, and mixed reality experiences for venues, retailers, brands, and enterprises. Its focus is on the user experience and the delight of customers. It can bring humanity to a technical solution, which in the end should strive to transform the lives of users.

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Link to website ‘Tietronix

Tietronix leverages its extensive experience in developing advanced mixed reality projects for NASA to provide solutions to the most challenging use cases. By integrating Deep Machine Learning, IoT and Human Factors with Mixed Reality, we are solving our customers’ complex problems within the aerospace, energy, medical and industrial sectors.

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Link to website ‘Theoris’

THEORIS provides innovative mixed reality turnkey solutions for industrial use cases that combine leading-edge user experience design and production-proven system architecture.

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Link to website Tsumiki

Tsumiki Seisaku has two dimensions of CG Studio and Architectural Office. By utilizing these competencies of being a professional in spatial visualization and photo real CG creation, we deliver xR(MR / VR / AR) technology smoothly to the field of Manufacturing and AEC. Supported by numerous case studies to these verticals, we offer a wide range of concrete solutions, from design to field and human resource education.

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Link to website UnitedData Group

UnitedData Group is a carrier-neutral internet data center services provider in China, hosting over 15,000 racks inside the data centers located in Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Ningbo and Chengde, connects most of China leading internet companies include Baidu, TenCent, JD, and local government and enterprise customers. UnitedData focuses on data industry ecosystem operation and provides full life cycle data center management services, from data center planning & construction, operation & management, to energy saving and safety insurance. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like MR, IOT, Big Data and AI, UnitedData provides SaaS based IDC operation services include remote managements on web and mobile device, 3D visualization and predictive maintenance. UnitedData also dedicated operating data industry ecosystem, provides cloud-based system integration, edge computing, and hybrid cloud solutions for their customers.

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Link to website ‘Unity Studios’

Unity Studios designs and develops interactive 3D experiences and solutions for organizations worldwide. In virtual and mixed reality, Unity Studios covers a variety disciplines across all major platforms.

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Link to website ‘Valorem’

Valorem is an expert interactive and user experience company with a passion for natural user interfaces (NUI). It blends leading-edge design with top-notch expertise for Windows 10, UWP, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 360, WPF, Azure, Unity, HTML5, Xamarin, and more.

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Link to website ‘Vectorform’

Vectorform invents digital products and experiences for the world’s leading brands with a focus on Mobile, IoT, Smart Home, Connected Vehicle, and Wearable Technology. Vectorform has offices in Detroit, New York, Seattle, Munich, and Hyderabad.

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Link to website ‘Virtual Cove’

Well beyond seeing your data in 3D, our mixed reality solutions have been mathematically shown to fold 35 - 1001 traditional plots into a single, context-unifying view. Modularly integrating with existing tools and workflows, our solution distills the complex while yielding new and rapid time-to-insight.

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Link to website Viscopic

Viscopic creates industrial mixed reality solutions by using cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on the entire service value chain from ideation via creation to implementation we support well-known clients like Deutsche Bahn, Volkswagen, Siemens or BMW to utilise mixed reality applications in a profitable way.

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Link to website ‘VISR VR’

VISR's immersive content specialists focus on bringing transformative technology to business with world-class experiences, delightful interaction, and a solid commitment to ROI that unlocks the immense value of HoloLens.

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Link to website ‘Visual Live 3D’

Visual Live offers mixed reality solutions on HoloLens and mobile devices for construction, oil/gas, and manufacturing industries. Using easy Visual Live Autodesk plugins like Revit / Navisworks and PC uploaders, you can push your large BIM/CADD models to HoloLens/mobile devices, place it 1:1 scale on the accurate location on the site and take advantage of real-time coordination, collaboration, issue finding, and RFI generating.

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Link to website Visual3d

Visual3d Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (VISUAL) is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to 3D digital processing technology and 3D scene sharing technology in the application of precise medical visualization.
Our purpose is to create solutions for clinical visualization, surgical navigation, and medical distance collaboration and education in healthcare technologies.
Our growing range of products and services include medical Mixed Reality (MR) applications, holographic surgical navigation, medical 3D reconstruction, cooperative telemedicine, medical cloud computing, medical artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data processing, and medical integrated intelligence.

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Link to website Wirestone

Wire Stone, now part of Accenture Interactive, is a full service digital agency offering strategy, UX design, 3D modeling and Unity development. Wire Stone specializes in high impact visual experiences created from complex CAD/3D models. Wire Stone has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Geneva.

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Link to website Wise

We specialize in advanced technologies such as VR,MR and AI etc.combined with CG visuals for virtual experience. By utilizing this technical expertise we provide content for various media and entertainment.

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Link to website WyzLink

WyzLink creates Mixed Reality(MR) applications primarily for smart manufacturing and medical field training. It offers extensive MR technology training, leading edge MR design integrating with Artificial Intelligence(AI), as well as end to end delivery of services and business solutions for industry 4.0.

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Link to website Yaskawa

YASKAWA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, mainly working on manufacturing industry, has been developing its business as an IoT vender, and will support customer’s digital transformation with latest technologies (AI, MR, etc.) and our IoT technologies and expertise.

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Link to website Zengalt

Tools for 3D designers to create shared multi-user, interactive experiences without writing a single line of code.

Link to website ‘Zuhlke Engineering’

A solution partner for business innovation projects combining business and technology expertise for today’s digital world using over 730 in-house experts.

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Link to website ‘360 World’

With over 5 years of head-mounted display experience, 360world can prepare you for the upcoming mixed reality revolution from consulting, through developing prototypes, to full solutions.

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Link to website 3spin

3spin specializes in Mixed Reality solutions – primarily for sales & training. Among our clients are BASF, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn. „3spin AR Sales“ allows a salesperson to present products and explore them with multiple clients & HoloLens simultaneously. „3spin AR Training & Maintenance“ helps staff to learn complex tasks on-the-job.

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