Man wearing HoloLens standing in his living room interacting with a holographic squirrel character who is jumping off his couch
Young Conker app tile

Young Conker

Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing game that highlights the fun of playing in mixed reality.

Holographic squirrel stands on a sofa table and points a gun at a holographic robotic walker vehicle which is being operated by another holographic animal character

Off the screen, into your world

Young Conker transforms your furniture, floors, and walls into the stage for a mixed reality platforming adventure.

Holographic squirrel character jumps on couch while collecting holographic coins which create a trail around the room

Infinite replayability

Every level you finish becomes fresh again when you play it in a different room, or rearrange your furniture.

Holographic squirrel character nearly falls off of a side table while being attached by a holographic printer character with a giatn on/off switch in the background

Characters react to you and your world

Conker knows he’s in a game and that you’re pulling the strings. He’ll break the fourth wall to react to you and your room.

Developer highlights

Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

Behind the scenes

  • Spying Pan concept

  • Tower destruction

  • Missile concepts

  • Enemy color exploration

  • Globe concepts

  • Conker in paper exploration

  • Tower concepts

  • Robot concepts

Asobo Studios logo

We partnered with Asobo Studio to bring Young Conker to life in a way that uniquely showcases the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens, and inspires developers to think about their own creations in new ways.

Developed for mixed reality

See how the first apps developed for HoloLens apps showcase the promise of mixed reality.

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