Man wearing HoloLens dodging holographic lazer blasts from holographic flying robots attacking him inthe middle of his living room
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In this mixed reality first-person shooter, use natural movements to target enemies coming at you from every possible direction.

Man wearing HoloLens gestures with his finger and fires a lazer, destroying one of the holographic robots attacking him as he dodges a blast from another robot

Your room is the battlefield

Your home is the front line against a menacing robot invasion. Spatial mapping turns each room into a unique battle ground.

Man wearing HoloLens fires lazer blasts at his living room wall, creating holographic holes revealing structures and plumbing

Guilt-free destruction

Because HoloLens understands your environment, enemies can break through the walls, leaving destruction in their wake.

Holographic robots emerge from holes in a living room wall as seen from the first person point of view

A true first-person shooter

You’re not playing a character; you’re the hero. Use gaze and air tap to aim and fire at enemies.

Developer highlights

Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

Behind the scenes

  • 00:42 | Intro sequence animatic

  • Early gameplay concept

  • MK17 concept

  • Drone concept

  • Mine boss concept

  • MK17 final

  • Additional enemy concepts

Developed for mixed reality

See how the first apps developed for HoloLens apps showcase the promise of mixed reality.

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