Woman wearing HoloLens, interacting with a holographic scene of an ancient village on a mountainside in her living room
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Explore the beauty of Rome or the secrets of Machu Picchu as you move naturally and interact with tour elements, no wires needed.

A holographic image of an supply store with Peruvian artefacts on display and the words Sacred Llamas overlayed

Feel like you’re really there

A combination of panoramic video, holographic scenery, and spatial sound creates a virtual travel experience with a real sense of presence and depth.

A holographic arial view of the Colosseum in Rome and surrounding city with the word Closseum overlayed

Impossible perspectives

Experience incredible vistas and cinematic moments that no real-world tourist could ever see.

A holographic image of the Pantheon in Rome with historic narrative words overlayed

Insightful tour guide

Melissa, your personal tour guide, shares historical and local facts with in-context visuals to help you really understand what you’re seeing.

Developer highlights

Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

Developed for mixed reality

See how the first apps developed for HoloLens apps showcase the promise of mixed reality.

Start building mixed reality apps for HoloLens today


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