Man constructing a hologrpahic robot in workshop with the HoloStudio tool palette
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Build 3D in 3D with natural gestures and movement, creating holograms with holographic tools modeled from tools in the real world.

Holographic snowman in progress in mid air with the HoloStudio tool palette

Create your own holograms

It's easy to design 3D objects when you're working in 3D. This fast and simple workshop features a variety of holographic shapes and tools.

Teddy bear with Holographic details placed anchored on it's head

Design to real-world scale

Design your projects to scale in your real world, even placing them on surfaces or objects in your room. Zoom in larger-than-life to focus on the details.

Two holographic characters on a table with the HoloStudio tool palette

Bring your creations to life

Capture photos and videos of your holographic projects, or see how the physical output matches your creation with 3D-print compatibility.

Developer highlights

Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

Grounding visuals

Consider using a glow against real-world surfaces to help users understand the position of their holograms relative to those surfaces.

Mixed reality capture

HoloStudio uses MRC in a unique way, allowing users to create stop-motion video by moving elements of their 3D creations slightly between frames.

Remembers where you build

Even with the toolbox across the room, any shape the user grabs is automatically at the right distance to place on their creation with only the turn of a head.

illustrated hand holding the HoloLens remote


HoloStudio takes advantage of all clicker gestures including click to select and click, hold, and drag to make subtle adjustments with tools.

How-to videos

  • 00:31 | Magnet

  • 00:26 | Resize

  • 00:23 | Rotate

  • 00:16 | Movement

  • 00:27 | Spatial Mapping

  • 00:24 | Take Picture

  • 00:21 | Nudge

  • 00:49 | Glue

  • 00:11 | Spray Paint

  • 00:10 | Erase

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