Woman wearing HoloLens looking at a holographic grumpy cat sitting on her work desk
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Actiongram enables new forms of storytelling. Move, resize, rotate, and record holograms in your home, creating videos you can share with friends.

Man wearing HoloLens watching a mountain climber scale his bookcase

A new medium for storytelling

Place holograms in your real world to film scenes that would otherwise be impossible or impractical. Then share your stories with your friends online.

A Man wearing HoloLens watching a holographic unicorn eating out of the hand of a woman sitting at a desk

Make magic

Mix holographic characters and visual effects into your world, giving you Hollywood effects without the need for specialized expertise.

Woman wearing HoloLens selecting character attributes from a holographic menu in her living room

An amazing, growing gallery

There are many holograms to choose from, with more on the way. Each can be used in a variety of ways, many with animations and audio effects.

Developer highlights

Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

Featured themed packs

Videos made with Actiongram

  • 01:11 | Noah Eichen: the treat

  • 00:25 | PinoDita: Ned vs. Kluk

  • 00:09 | Ryan Longson: Dinosaur attack

  • 01:16 | David Macdonald: Space adventure

  • 01:52 | Sarah Sterling: Tiny space man

  • 00:32 | Strawburry17: Chewie in space

  • 00:22 | Jessica Aceti: Astrowalk

  • 01: 49 | Brian Merrell: Taxes

  • 00:16 | Jessica Aceti: Thumb war

  • 00:15 | Andrew Franks: Granny zipline

Developed for mixed reality

See how the first apps developed for HoloLens apps showcase the promise of mixed reality.

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